You already know how to use it

Polsie is designed to let you create a beautiful store without having to learn anything. Use #polsie when you want to upload a product and describe it, that’s all. Focus on your products and share them to your followers in the best light possible.

Upload unlimited products to your store the same way you share them to your followers on Instagram.

Easy as taking a picture...

Take a photograph or record a video on Instagram to capture the best looking angle of your product.


Use #polsie to connect with your store. Then add information about your product like its name, price and description.


Your store is updated in realtime when you hit share and your product is now ready to be sold.

A beautiful place for your products
We take care about your...

Receive safe payments through PayPal and also from debit and credit cards.


A great shopping experience for your customers is a must. We handle it. No more phone calls, emails or waste of time.


Delivery is a label away. Fedex* and USPS labels are provided by us so you can send your package from where you are.

FREE No monthly fees, no commitments, no surprises.

Our 8% transaction fee includes payment processing and shipping logistics.

Featured stores..

Like them, you can join us and start your store.

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